Catholic Health Initiatives Housekeeper in LEXINGTON, Kentucky



Job Summary

Full-time, day shift Housekeeper (Environmental Services Tech) for St Joseph Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky

Follow the standard work procedures of the CHI

National Environmental Services Program completing duties in the hospital to

ensure a clean, safe and aseptic environment. The role of Environmental

Services Tech displays a positive image by demonstrating good communication

skills, courteous, and professional behavior towards all customers including

subordinate staff, patients, physicians, visitors, volunteers, vendors,

contractors, co-workers, and other employees.

Essential Key Job Responsibilities

  1. Maintains strict confidentiality ofinformation gained in the process of day to day work. This includes HIPPAcompliance as well as following the corporate compliance guidelines.

  2. Demonstrates a strongsense of team and the ability to cooperate and work with others. Thisincludes strict adherence to the Standards of Conduct policy.

  3. Follows infection preventionpractices including the regulations, recommendations, and standards ofregulatory agencies, and safety practices while completing the CHI National EVSStandard Work.

  4. Safe Handling/Disposal/Packagingfor Transport of Pharmaceutical Waste/Hazardous Materials/Bio-HazardousRegulated Medical Waste. 1.) Completes the Resource Conservation Recovery Act(RCRA) and Hazardous Waste education during new employee orientation andannually. 2.) is knowledgeable of the process for identifying the proper wastestream and uses the appropriate container to dispose of waste. 3.) Responds toa release of hazardous chemicals or hazardous pharmaceuticals (P-listed waste)utilizing the facility hazardous waste contingency plan. 4.) Knowledgeableregarding the process to contact the emergency response coordinator forhazardous waste/pharmaceutical release/spill clean-up.

  5. EVS Tech Position’s standardwork routine cleaning procedures include but are not limited to: (solid waste collection and disposalincluding proper waste segregation, linen distribution and collection, highdusting, changing light bulbs, cleaning light lenses, changing cubicle curtains,cleaning windows and blinds, low level surface disinfection, restroom cleaning,stocking restroom and hand hygiene products, cleaning walls and partitions,hard surface and carpeted floor care, standard precaution discharge roomcleaning, moving furniture, emptying trash cans, emptying linen receptacles,emptying recycling containers, packaging and transport of regulated wastecontainers, perform isolation cleaning procedures as applicable, performterminal cleaning procedures as applicable, perform restricted area andinvasive procedure area cleaning as applicable, cleaning blood and body fluidsfrom surfaces and floors, utilizing cleaning chemicals according to themanufacturer label and/or EPA guidelines, performing non-routine floor care andcleaning duties (Floor refinishing, Shampooing, Steam Cleaning).

  6. Other duties as assigned.


Minimum Qualifications

High School or GED preferred

Must be able to work weekends and holidays

Organizational Information


The Mission

of Catholic Health Initiatives is to nurture the healing ministry of the

Church, supported by education and research.

Fidelity to the Gospel urges us to emphasize human dignity and social

justice as we create healthier communities.

Our Vision is to live up to our name as one CHI:

Catholic – Living our Mission and Core


Health – Improving the health of the

people and communities we serve;

Initiatives – Pioneering models and

systems of care to enhance care delivery.

Living the Core Values of CHI

  1. REVERENCE : Respecting diverse viewpoints and working together to bring out thebest in everyone.

  2. INTEGRITY : Being open and honest in all of our interactions.

  3. COMPASSION : Caring for the whole person and the greater good of others.

  4. EXCELLENCE : Doing our best work, providing quality care and service, andachieving our goals.

CHI Standardized Competencies


  1. Accountability

Takes full responsibility for the conduct andresults of own work. Holds self/ others accountable for goal attainment. Demonstratesan understanding of the link between one’s own job responsibilities andoverall organizational goals, priorities and needs.

  1. Adaptability / Flexibility

Understands and appreciates different andopposing perspectives on an issue. Adapts one’s approach as situations changeand accepts changes within one’s own job or the organization at large.

  1. Initiative

Takes appropriate independent action,addresses issues proactively, engages in problem solving, generates new ideasand solutions, seeks out new responsibilities and acts on opportunities forself-development.

  1. Integrity & Spirituality

Is open and honest in all interactions. Actswith moral wholeness, soundness and truthfulness.

  1. Quality

Is attentive to detail and accuracy, iscommitted to error prevention, monitors, owns and acts on quality work. Looksfor and participates in opportunities for process improvements.

  1. Safety

Learns and practices safety as a personalpriority in your work. Addresses potential safety concerns. Willing to addressunsafe behaviors in others. Commits to team safety.

  1. Service Excellence

Builds confidence, is committed to increasingsatisfaction, sets achievable expectations, assumes responsibility for solvingproblems, ensures commitments are met, solicits opinions and ideas andresponds to patients, coworkers, physicians, and all other stakeholders.Maintains pleasant and professional image.

  1. Teamwork

Collaborates with others toachieve common goals. Listens, works to resolve conflicts, supports andupholds team decisions. Builds constructive relationships by appreciating andrespecting the diversity and contributions of others. Promotes an overallpositive team atmosphere.

Protected Health and other confidential Information

This job accesses, uses and discloses patient protected

health and other confidential information and will use and disclose patient

protected health and other confidential information:

  1. Only as it applies to job functions

  2. In amounts minimally necessary forintended purpose, and

  3. In a confidential manner.

Job Food Service/Housekeeping


Daily Schedule 7am

Scheduled Hours per 2-week Pay Period 80

Weekends Required Occasional

Req ID: 2018-R0187499

We’re an equal opportunity employer. All applicants will be considered for employment without attention to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran or disability status.